View Menu Functions


Here are view menu functions available in Alpha Anywhere:


    . Displays the WYSIWYG tab of the HTML Editor.

  • Source

    . Displays the Source tab of the HTML Editor.

  • Interactive

    Displays the Interactive tab of the Xbasic Code Editor.

  • Show Tags

    Hides and displays symbols in the WYSIWYG tab that indicate the locations of HTML codes and Xbasic code strings embedded within <%a5 ... %> tags.

  • Show Borders

    Hides and displays table cell borders.

  • Code Library

    . Hides and displays the Code Library toolbar.

  • Toolbars

    Hides and displays the following toolbars.

    • Standard - commonly used file and editing functions

    • Formatting - text formatting functions

    • Forms - functions that insert various HTML form elements

    • Tables - commonly used table editing functions

    • Custom - user defined functions

  • Trace Window

    Opens the Trace dialog, which allows you to record object events.

  • Code Editor

    Opens the Xbasic Code Editor.

  • OLE Automation Browser

    Displays the OLE Automation Object Browser.

  • Status Bar

    Hides and displays the Status Bar.

  • Window Bar

    Hides and displays the Window Bar.

  • Settings

    . Displays the Settings dialog.

Using the Code Library

To insert code from your Code Library :

  1. Display the Source tab of your HTML Editor window.

  2. Position the cursor at the code insertion point.

  3. Click to display the Code Library dialog box.

  4. Select the library from the list box at top.

  5. Scroll down to the library entry you want to use and double-click.


Web publishing applications only.

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