Menu Functions for Desktop


Functions for working with menus in desktop applications.

a5_assign_menu_images Function

Create a string to be used to assign images to menu items that are not defined with an image.

a5_automatic_mnu_convert Function

Prompt if V4 tbr should be converted to V5

a5_built_in_actions Function

Used in the menu editor to present the user with a list of built in actions.

a5_clear_menus Function

For internal use only. Clears out all menus and loads fresh copies based on updated function defitions.

a5_convert_v4_menus Function

Converts a menu string from a V4 Custom menu to syntax used by V5

a5_event_menu Function

Creates the menu string for object events when editing a layout.

a5_f_fldlock_image_menu Function

Right click menu for a browse when user clicks on a locked cell (modal data entry) -- for case when cell IS an image

a5_generic_menus Function

Returns the generic View, Window, Help menus etc.


The A5_MENU_DEF_LOAD() function reads a menu definition into a character string, which subsequently is displayed.

a5_menu_def_load_new Function

Gets the definition of a user defined Menu.

a5_menu_def_strings Function

Generates a list of menu commands. Used in Button Genie and other places.

a5_menu_editor_modal Function

Displays a modal menu editor for a menu string.

a5_merge_addin_menus Function

Used to merge 3rd party Addin menus into an A5 System menu.

a5_ole_edit_menu Function

Generates a dynamic menu snippet depending on the class of the current object

a5_outline_menu_browse Function

Called by a5_browse_menu(). If working in a set with multiple levels, then puts the contract/expand command on the menu.

a5_prompt_for_menuitem Function

Prompts the user to select an item form a menu specified by menu_string (a P var created by a5_menu_def_strings())

a5_stylesheet_menu Function

Computes the right click "Stylesheet" menu for form editor

a5_view_layout_menu Function

Called when user presses the View button on the control panel when a table is active.


The A5_XP_STYLE_MENU() function causes Alpha Anywhere to display menus in the style of Windows XP.

Edit Menu Functions

Here are Edit Menu functions available in Alpha Anywhere:

File Menu Functions

File menu functions also appear on the Standard Toolbar.

Format Menu Functions

Here are Format Menu Functions available in Alpha Anywhere:

Insert Menu Functions

Here are Insert Menu functions available in Alpha Anywhere:

Menu Functions and Methods

Alpha Anywhere provides the following menu functions and methods.

Methods for Controlling Menus at Runtime

Using the Xbasic .MENUITEMENABLE() method, you can enable and disable menu items in form, browse and print preview windows. Also, using .MENUITEMCHECK(), you can check and un-check menu items.

View Menu Functions

Here are view menu functions available in Alpha Anywhere: