Context Functions


Functions for working with the UI context.

ui_context_create Function

Create a UI context for top menu and xdialogs with {context} directive, optional 'persistent' name retrieves and stores toolbar state.

ui_context_create_get Function

Get the 'create' ui context name.

ui_context_current_get Function

Get the 'current' ui context name.

ui_context_destroy Function

Destroy UI context along with all top menu and xdialogs with {context} directive in the context.

ui_context_dlg_exist Function

Returns TRUE if xdialog exists in context (or if xdialog is global context - i.e. exists for ALL contexts), if context argument is blank, we assume create context.

ui_context_panels_define Function

Define panels for a UI context - selecting as a default the optional current panel.

ui_context_panels_enum Function

Get list of dock panels that are not in use + the active pane.

ui_context_panels_load Function

Load just-in-time panel data into a UI context - subsequent dock panel will cause these to display.

ui_context_panels_restore Function

Show panels if dock panel state is NOT hidden.

ui_context_panels_show Function

Show/hide context dock panels.

ui_context_panels_visible Function

Determine if dock panels are visible.

ui_context_reset_default Function

Resets the current UI context.

ui_context_session_bind Function

Bind context as the current context for the session (session sets context on activate, cleans up context on shutdown).

ui_context_session_own Function

Set session as owner for context - session cleans up context on shutdown.

ui_context_set Function

Set current UI context for top menu and xdialogs with {context} directive.