DIAL Function


N DIAL(C phone_number)



A telephone number. The string should include a separator after the area code (e.g., "212 555 1212", or "(212) 555-1212"). International phone numbers should be prefixed with a " + " sign in front of the country code (e.g., " + 27 11 640 3555" for a number in Johannesburg, South Africa).


Dial the telephone - uses aplha fives dialer settings.


DIAL() invokes the Alpha Anywhere phone dialer. The Phone Number String you supply is passed to the dialer and is used to dial the modem. Before dialing, the Phone Dialer dialog box appears, showing the original phone number string and the actual, translated number that is to be sent to the modem. The dialog has a check box labeled "Use Modem Configuration Settings". If this box is checked, Alpha Anywhere will use the modem configuration settings that you specified in the Windows Control Panel to determine how to translates the Phone_Number_String to the actual number that will be dialed. For example, these settings determine if a "dial out" prefix should be added, if a "1" should be added before the area code, or if the area code should be dialed.


Dial the phone number in the phone field.

tbl = table.current()

This script is attached to a button on a form. It uses form methods to dial the number in the phone field.



Desktop applications only.