Button B Directive


%B= X %



Character. The border style of the button. The default is the normal button style.


The B directive sets the border style for a button.  When you have multiple directives in a Format string, you separate them with semi-colons ";".


The following example shows different border styles.

ui_dlg_box("Button Styles", <<%dlg%
{frame=1,1}{region}{'Left and top aligned with raised OnFlyover border}|{justify=right}<%B=F%15,2Button1>{endregion};
{frame=1,1}{region}{'Standard border}|{justify=right}<%M=F%15,2Button2>{endregion};
{frame=1,1}{region}{'Left and top aligned with no border}|{justify=right}<%B=N%15,2Button3>{endregion};
{frame=1,1}{region}{'Button with Shaded OnFlyover border}|{justify=right}<%B=T%15,2Button4>{endregion};
%dlg%, <<%code%
if (a_dlg_button="Button1") then
end if
if (a_dlg_button="Button2") then
end if
if (a_dlg_button="Button3") then
end if
if (a_dlg_button="Button4") then
end if

The following example creates an invisible button (a hot spot) that is one line high and one character wide.

if a_dlg_button = "hide_button_click"
    ' the action you want for the "hotspot"
    a_dlg_button = ""
end if

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