Button Genie


The Button Genie generates all the Xdialog code for a button. The Button Genie provides:

  • bug-free Xdialog code

  • a view of the Xdialog code as it is composed

  • an interactive WYSIWYG view of the finished button

  • a list of basic button styles

In addition, there are menus to define:

  • every aspect of the button's label and or image, including font, color, style, and positioning

  • every aspect of the button's style, including fill colors, borders, and flyover effects

  • bubble help

  • an associated event for the button

  • an enabling expression for the button

When working on a Xbasic script in the Code Editor, right click and select Genies ... > Xdialog > Button Genie ....


The Button Genie dialog box defines all the attributes of an Xdialog button. The results are displayed in two ways:

  • a preview to the right of the genie, and in

  • the Xdialog Code window at the bottom of the genie

    images/XD_Button genie.gif

Finally, clicking the Insert Code in Script Editor button inserts the Xdialog code into your script.

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