Button Properties


A list of button properties.

Setup Properties

  • Object Name

    Any text description that you wish.

    :formname.controlname.object.name as C
  • Label

    The text that appears on the button.

    :formname.controlname.text as C
  • Style

    A button can have text, a bitmap, or text and a bitmap.

    :formname.controlname.btn_appearance as C
  • Enable Password

    Checking Enable password enables the Set password button, which displays the Set Button Password screen.

  • Fly-over Effects Set Fly-over Appearance

    Check Fly-over Effects and click Set Fly-over Appearance to set horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, border, fill, font, and shadow properties to take effect when the cursor is above the button. Fly-over properties are not settable through Xbasic.

  • Status Bar text

    The text that appears on the Status Bar when the button is clicked.

  • Always on Top

    When checked the button is always on the top-most level of the form layout. No other form elements will over lap it.

    :formname.controlname.object.always_on_top as L
  • Hide

    When checked the button becomes invisible.

    :formname.controlname.object.visible as L
  • Tab Stop

    When checked causes allows the user to tab to the button.

    :formname.controlname.object.tabstop as L
  • Disable

    When checked the button becomes inaccessible.

    :formname.controlname.object.enabled as L
  • images/Button_Setup_Properties.gif

Alignment Properties

  • Horizontal Alignment

    Determines whether the button label will be left, right, or center aligned.

    :formname.controlname.align as C
  • Vertical Alignment

    Determines whether the button label will be top, bottom, or center aligned.

    :formname.controlname.vertical_align as C
  • Word Wrap

    Determines whether the button label may wrap to move than one line.

    :formname.controlname.word_wrap as  L
  • images/Button_Alignment_Properties.gif

Border Properties

  • Border Style

    Sets the border line style.

    :formname.controlname.border.style as C
  • Border Color

    Sets the border line color (using a color name or RGB value ).

    :formname.controlname.border.color as C
  • Border Edge Shape

    Sets the shape of the border.

    :formname.controlname.border.style as C
  • Border Width

    The width of the border line in pixels.

    :formname.controlname.border.width as N
  • Show Left, Right, Top, Bottom

    For edge shape "Square" determines which sides of the rectangle will display. For other edge shapes, determines which corners will be square or styled.

    :formname.controlname.border.has_bottom_edge as L
    :formname.controlname.border.has_left_edge as L
    :formname.controlname.border.has_right_edge as L
    :formname.controlname.border.has_top_edge as L
  • Shadow Style

    Determines how much the shadow will be offset and its degree of shading.

    :formname.controlname.shadow.style as C
  • Shadow Color

    Sets the shadow color (using a color name or RGB value ).

    :formname.controlname.shadow.color as C
  • Background Style

    The fill color mode and translucency of the control's background.

    :formname.controlname.Background_style as C
  • Fill

    The style and color(s) of the control's background.

    :formname.controlname.fill.backcolor as C
    :formname.controlname.fill.forecolor as C
    :formname.controlname.fill.style as C
  • images/Button_Border_Properties.gif

Font Properties

  • Face

    Sets the font.

    :formname.controlname.font.name as C
  • Size

    Sets the point size.

    :formname.controlname.font.size as N
  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout

    When checked set the named attribute.

    :formname.controlname.font.bold as  L
    :formname.controlname.font.italic as L
    :formname.controlname.font.strikeout as L
    :formname.controlname.font.underline as L
  • Color

    Sets the text color.

    :formname.controlname.font.color as C
  • images/Button_Font_Properties.gif

Dimension Properties

  • Left

    Sets the horizontal position of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.left as N
  • Top

    Sets the vertical position of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.top as N
  • Width

    Sets the width of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.width as N
  • Height

    Sets the height of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.height as N
  • Anchor

    Determines the way the tabbed control will or will not stretch as the base form is resized. Possible attachment points are: 1 = top and right 2 = top, left, and right 4 = bottom and left 5 = bottom and right 6 = bottom, left, and right 8 = top, bottom, and left 9 = top, bottom, and right 10 = top, bottom, left, and right

    :formname.controlname.object.anchor as N
  • images/Button_dimension_Properties.gif

Help Properties

  • Bubble Help Text

    Click Edit... to define the bubble help text that appears when you place the cursor over the control.

    :formname.controlname.bubble_help as C
  • Help Source File

    The path to and name of the compiled help file that contains the help topics.

    :formname.controlname.help_filename as C
  • Topic Name

    The name of the help topic in a compiled help file.

    :formname.controlname.help_topic as C
  • Chapter Name

    The name of the chapter name in an Alpha Anywhere help file.

    :formname.controlname.chapter_name.help_topic as C
  • Topic Name

    The name of the help topic in a compiled help file.

    :formname.controlname.settings.help_title as C
  • images/Button_Help_Properties.gif

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