Tabbed Control Properties


The following Tabbed Control properties can be changed at run-time. After any operation that changes the size of the control or placement of the tabs, you should reset the control's height or width, either to the same or a new value, to complete the operation.

Setup Properties

  • Object Name

    The name of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.nameas C
  • Tab Placement

    Sets the location of the tabs on the control. Possible values are: "top", "bottom", "left", "right".

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.Tab_position as N
  • Tab Style

    Sets the style of the tabbed control's corners. Possible values are: "Round corners", "Square corners", "Angled sides".

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.Tab_style as C
  • Tab Appearance

    Sets the style of the tabs' labels. Possible values are: "text", "bitmap", "text&bitmap", "bitmap&text", "text/bitmap", "bitmap/text".

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.Tab_appearance as C
  • Printable

    Determines whether the tabbed control is printable.

    :formname.controlname.Object.Printable as L
  • Tab Stop

    Determines whether you can tab to the control.

    :formname.controlname.Object.Tabstop as L
  • Disabled

    Enables or disables the tabbed control.

    :formname.controlname . Object.Enabled as L
  • Hide

    Displays or hides the tabbed control.

    :formname.controlname.Object.Visible as L
  • Horizontal Text

    When tabs are positioned to the left and right sides of the tabbed control, Alpha Anywhere rotates the tab labels so they are written vertically. The horizontal text setting forces text to be written horizontally, regardless of the location of the tabs.

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.Horizontal_text as C
  • Fixed Tab Width

    Determines whether all tabs will have the same width, or will be sized to fit their labels.

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.Tab_fixed_width as L
  • Always on Top

    When checked the control is always on the top-most level of the form layout. No other form elements will over lap it.

    :formname.controlname.object.always_on_top as L
  • Transparent Background

    Sets the fill color of the tab control to transparent.

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.Transparent_background as C
  • Bold Current Tab Label

    Sets the character styles used for the tabs' text labels. .Tab_bold_current only works if .Bold is set to FALSE.

    :formname.controlname. Tabs.Tab_bold_current as L
  • Tab Height Tab Width

    Sets the width and height of the tab control's tabs. . Width is only used when .Tab_fixed_width is set to TRUE.

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.Width as N
    :formname.controlname.Tabs.Height as N
  • Side Angle

    Sets the slant of the tabs' sides. .Width_delta is only used when .Tab_style is set to "Angled sides".

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.Width_delta as N
  • images/UG_Tabbed_Control_Setup_Properties.gif

Tab Properties

  • Tab Text

    Sets the text label of a tab.

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.SheetN.Text as C
  • Selected Color Unselected Color Page Color

    Sets the colors of the tab control's body and tabs in selected and unselected modes. Refer to A5.COLOR_ENUM().

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.SheetN.Pagecolor as C
    :formname.controlname.Tabs.SheetN.Selectedcolor as C
    :formname.controlname.Tabs.SheetN.Unselectedcolor as C
  • Change Image

    If the style of the tab label uses an image, the Change Image button is enabled. Sets the image used for the tab's label. A replacement image must be from the same library as the original image.

    :formname.controlname.Tabs.SheetN.Hbitmap.bmptag as C
  • images/UG_Tabbed_Control_Tab_Properties.gif

Font Properties

  • Face

    Sets the font. as C
  • Size

    Sets the point size.

    :formname.controlname.tabs.font.size as N
  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout

    When checked set the named attribute.

    :formname.controlname.tabs.font.bold as L
    :formname.controlname.tabs.font.italic as L
    :formname.controlname.tabs.font.strikeout as L
    :formname.controlname.tabs.font.underline as L
  • Color

    Sets the text color.

    :formname.controlname.tabs.font.color as C
  • images/UG_Tabbed_Control_Font_Properties.gif

Dimension Properties

  • Left

    Sets the horizontal position of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.left as N
  • Top

    Sets the vertical position of the control. as N
  • Width

    Sets the width of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.width as N
  • Height

    Sets the height of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.height as N
  • Anchor

    Determines the way the tabbed control will or will not stretch as the base form is resized. Possible attachment points are: 1 = top and right 2 = top, left, and right 4 = bottom and left 5 = bottom and right 6 = bottom, left, and right 8 = top, bottom, and left 9 = top, bottom, and right 10 = top, bottom, left, and right

    :formname.controlname.object.anchor as N
  • images/UG_Tabbed_Control_Dimension_Properties.gif

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