Drop Down Tree Control Syntax


[ [. Width ] Variable_Name ^=< Choice_Array [ ! Event ][ ? Enabled ] ]



Refer to Xdialog Language Directives and Operators.

[ ^=< ]

Character. Indicates that this is an edit combo box that will show the nearest matching value based on the characters typed in.


Numeric. Optional. The width of the control.


Character. The name of a character variable to receive the user selection, or a numeric variable to receive the index value of the selected radio button. The index of the top-most button is 1.


Character. An array of character values.


Character. Optional. See Event Syntax.


Logical. Optional. See Enabled Syntax.


The formatting string %S=BLR% is used to specify that a tree control should be displayed with the familiar boxes and lines.



dim treeoptions as C
treeoptions = <<%str% 
Power . No Power 
Network . Can't log in 
Network . Can't connect 
Network . Invalid username or password 
Network . Other 
Printer . Specific error message 
Printer . Print job stuck in queue 
Printer . Paper Jam 
Printer . Can't print 
Printer . Print job going to another printer 
Printer . Other 
Software . Program error 
Software . Virus 
Network . Setup new account 
Software . Install software 
Software . Can't access email 
Hardware . Noisy 
Hardware . Can't boot / hangs during boot 
Hardware . No display on monitor 
Printer . Install printer 
Software . Computer freezes 
Relocate . Equipment 
Relocate . User data 
Relocate . User account 
Hardware . Install new hardware 
ui_dlg_box("Drop Down Tree Control","[%S=BRL%.100option^=<treeoptions]")

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