XDialog Controls


Controls for XDialog.

Xdialog Buttons

Syntax for creating Button controls in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Check Box

Syntax for creating Check Box controls in an Xdialog.

Choices Syntax

The Choices argument is a required part of the syntax for any control that provides a list of options to the user, such as an array of radio buttons, a combo box, or a list box.

Xdialog Combo Boxes

Directives for creating Combo Box controls in an Xdialog.

Embedded Dialog S Directive

The S directive makes an embedded dialog scrollable.

Enhanced ActiveX Support

Alpha Anywhere provides support for the use of ActiveX controls on forms and Xdialogs. Third party ActiveX controls, as illustrated by the next picture, can add exciting new features to Alpha Anywhere applications. A Graph Control from Microsoft Office Used on an Alpha Anywhere Form:

Xdialog HTML

Commands for embedding HTML to an Xdialog.

List Box Control Syntax

Xdialog list box control syntax.

Xdialog List Views

Syntax for creating List View controls in an Xdialog.

Miscellaneous Xdialog Controls

Syntax for creating Hot Lables or choices for a Check Box in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Progress Bars

Syntax for creating progress bars in Xdialog.


The PropertyGrid object is useful when you want to display many prompts to the user and accept many inputs.

Xdialog Radio Buttons

Syntax for creating Radio Button controls in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Record Lists

Syntax for creating Record Lists in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Rich Text Fields

Syntax for creating Rich Text Field controls in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Scroll Bars

Syntax for creating Scroll Bar controls in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Sliders

Syntax for creating Slider controls in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Smart Fields

Syntax for creating Calculators, Calendars, Color Pickers, Field and File Select controls in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Tabbed Controls

Syntax for creating Tabbed controls in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Text Boxes

Syntax for creating Text Box controls, including Static and Dynamic Text, in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Trackbars

Syntax for creating Trackbar controls in an Xdialog.

Xdialog Tree Controls

Syntax for creating Tree controls in an Xdialog.