User Interaction (UI) Functions


Alpha Anywhere provides the following functions for enhancing user interfaces.

Bitmap Functions

Functions for manipulating UI bitmaps.

Context Functions

Functions for working with the UI context.

Editor Functions

Functions for manipulating editors.

GDI Functions

Functions for drawing to the display.

Menu Functions

Functions for working with menus in a desktop interface.

Miscellaneous UI Functions

Miscellaneous functions for manipulating the UI in a Desktop application.

Printer UI Functions

Functions for displaying and setting printer properties.

UI_GET_* User Interface Functions

Functions that begin with the "UI_GET" prefix.

uiFreeze Object

The uiFreezeObject object is useful when you want to prevent screen redraw when code is running. Advantages of the UIFreeze object over the UI_FREEZE() function.

XDialog Commands, Controls, and Functions

Commands, controls, and functions for working with XDialog.


uiFreezeObject.create Method

An object that allows you to stop screen redrawing. The UIFreezeObject should beinstantiated using a local variable and not a shared or global variable. When an error occurs, the script stops executing. When the script stops, the local variable frame goes away, and the reference to the UIFreezeObject goes away, and as a result, the screen is no longer frozen.