OAuth Provider Definition


The oAuth Provider Definition in a JSON configuration file with a .json extension that is stored in a oAuthProviders folder in the WebProject, the system oAuth Providers are stored in the oAuthProviders folder under the EXE path.

oAuth 2.0 definitions

Google is a good example of an oAuth 2.0 endpoint. The JSON profile information example below shows the settings.

	"profile": {
		"host": "accounts.google.com/o",
		"authorize_path": "/oauth2/v2/auth",
        "token_path" : "/oauth/access_token",
		"resource_host": "www.googleapis.com",
		"oauth_version": "2.0",
		"oauth2_bearer": "{AccessToken}",
		"oauth2_scope": "profile email",
		"TokenTimeoutCodepattern": "AddSecondsToNow",
		"SuccessVariable": "code",
		"TokenExpiresVariable": "expires_in",
		"ProfileIdVariable": "id",
		"getProfileInfo": "/oauth2/v1/userinfo",
		"accessFromRefreshTokenUrl": "https://www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v4/token",
		"TemplateDisplayName": "{name}",
		"ProcessCodePattern": "oAuth 2.0 - Generic",
		"UIWindowWidth": "500:100",
		"UIWindowHeight": "550:40"

OAuth 2.0 Properties Used To Define an OAuth Provider

Property and Description
OAuth Version

Property: oauth_version. Specifies oAuth version - 2.0


Full or partial URL's used to get data from provider.

Property and Description

Property: host. URL host for oAuth 2.0 service

Resource Host

Property: resource_host. Host for resources .

Authorize path

Property: authorize_path.Endpoint to login to account

Token Path

Property: token_path. Endpoint to exchange code for access token.

Get Profile Info

Property: getProfileInfo. Endpoint to retreive Profile Information (if using the provider for external login).

Access Token From Refresh

Property: AccessFromRefreshTokenURL. Optional, The path request used to exchange a valid refresh token for an access token

Get Profile Method

Property: getProfileMethod. Optional, HTTP request method used with the 'Get profile info' URL = Either GET or POST

Enable Proof

Property: enable_proof. Optional, Send optional security method


Optional properties to get desired data

Property and Description
Base Scopes

Property: oauth2_scope. Scopes required for login information (if using the provider for external login).

Bearer Token

Property: oauth2_bearer. Template for filling in Access token from result.

Data and Data Processing

Variables returned by provider that contain data and data process info.

Property and Description
Variable returned on success

Property: SuccessVariable. Name of variable returned from provider after validation

Variable returned on a fail or cancel

Property: ErrorVariable. Optional, Variable returned on failed or cancelled request

Variable returned with user identifier

Property: ProfileIdVariable. Field returned by the getProfileInfo endpoint that idenities the user for external login.

Variable that has URL to get user profile

Property: ProfileURLVariable. Optional, Variable that contains URL to get user profile identifier (replaces getProfileInfo)

Variable used for token expiration value

Property: TokenExpiresVariable. Optional, Variable that contains access token timeout data

Token timeout code pattern

Property: TokenTimeoutCodepattern. Used to calculate when token expires.

Variable used for token issued time

Property: TokenIssuedVariable. Optional, Some timeouts are calculated from an issued time

Token lifetime in seconds

Property: TokenTimeout. Optional, Seconds to expire after issued time

Process code pattern

Property: ProcessCodePattern. Optional, OAuth version specific process pattern

Template for display name

Property: TemplateDisplayName. Optional, Template with placeholders to use to define a user display name

Template for email

Property: TemplateEmail. Optional, Template with placeholders to define the user email address

UI Configuration

Configure web and desktop windows for user input.

Property and Description
Web Pop up window height

Property: PopUIWindowHeight. Optional, Web ONLY. Height of popup window to show provider login

Web Pop up window width

Property: PopUIWindowWidth. Optional, Web ONLY. Width of popup window to show provider login

Desktop window height

Property: XDUIWindowHeight. Optional, Desktop ONLY. Height of xDialog form to show provider logn

Desktop window width

Property: XDUIWindowWidth. Optional, Desktop ONLY. Width of xDialog form to show provider login.

Text for client id

Property: UIClientIdText. Optional, Desktop ONLY. Label text to show on xDialog forms for "client id"

Text for client secret

Property: UIClientSecretText. Optional, Desktop ONLY. Label text to show on xDialog forms for "client secret"

OAuth 1.0 Properties

OAuth 1.0 Properties are slightly different because oAuth 1.0 has more endpoints, and requires a hash method and protocol (http/https) to be specified.


oAuth Version - 1.0


hostname for oAuth 1.0 service.


Does the service use SSL (oAuth 1.0 allows for http since all requests against apis are signed)


Get a request token - this is the first call, done to establish a secret for the request.


Login endpoint - prompts the user for access.


Endpoint to exchange code returned from login for access token.


Method used to sign keys - i.e. HMAC-SHA1.