Alpha Anywhere 4.5.2 Videos

The videos below were published as part of the Alpha Anyhere 4.5.2 release.

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UX Component - Tree Control Populating a Tree Control using a SQL Query and Defining a Javascript Event for Each Tree Leaf Node The Tree control can be automatically populated with data derived from a SQL query. When doing this it is common to want to execute some Javascript code when the user selects a leaf node in the tree.

In this video we show how this is done.

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Date added: 2017-11-02
UX Component Selecting Multiple Values in an Auto-suggest or Edit Combo Control The Auto-suggest and Edit Combo controls have always allowed you to set a mode where multiple selections can be made. However, each time you make a selection the pick list is closed and you must reopen the pick list before you can make your next selection.

Now, a new property in these controls allows you to specify that the pick list should stay open after each selection, allowing you to make multiple selections more easily.

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Date added: 2017-11-15
UX Component - ControlBars Using the Built-in ControlBar Templates The ControlBar is highly configurable. This allows you to create solutions for many different use cases. There are several common patterns that developers use and for many of these patterns you can get a quick start by selecting one of the pre-defined ControlBar templates. For example, common patterns addressed by the pre-defined templates are:ControlBar with a menu button that animates in a menu from the left or right side of the Panel, ControlBar with buttons that reveal animated drop-down menus, ControlBar with buttons that allow you to create a tabbed user interface.

In this video we show how you can create a new ControlBar from a template and then continue to modify the resulting ControlBar.

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Date added: 2017-11-28
UX Component Sample UX Component - Amazon Mobile Shopping Look Alike Example The Amazon mobile shopping App is one of the most recognizable mobile Apps. In this video we show how the look and feel of this App can be recreated using the UX component.

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How the Products List is Populated
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How the Back Button in the ControlBar is Implemented
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How the Badge on the Shopping Cart Icon is Implemented
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How the Search Box is Implemented
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How the Product List Layout is Implemented
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How the Detail View is Implemented using a ViewBox Control
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Date added: 2017-12-13