Alpha Anywhere 4.5.3 - Key Benefits

Alpha Anywhere is already recognized by developers as having the most compelling set of capabilities in the low-code market for rapid development and deployment of enterprise-grade mobile and web apps. It has won InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year award and is top rated on Gartner Peer Insights.

This new release (Alpha Anywhere version 4.5.3) is a major new release and offers important benefits in virtually every part of Alpha Anywhere, with special emphasis on features related to data integration and security without ignoring key areas such as power, productivity and presentation.

SalesForce Integration is now a Snap in Alpha Anywhere 4.5.3

Improved Salesforce Integration - Alpha Anywhere has made it even easier to connect your applications to Salesforce, making Alpha an ideal way to build applications using Salesforce as the system of record.

Enhanced Interoperability

Alpha Anywhere has made it very easy to consume and expose web services.

REST API Builder - Create web services that expose any part of your application or data with Alpha Anywhere's new REST API Builder, greatly improving the interoperability of your apps.

Powerful and Easy Integration with Upcoming Alpha TransForm

Alpha TransForm is Alpha’s upcoming platform extension to Alpha Anywhere that lets anyone build enterprise grade data capture and dispatch forms/apps literally in minutes. These apps work offline, support rich media, can have complex multi-table data structures and are optimized for smartphones.

Alpha TransForm Integration - Alpha Anywhere 4.5.3 includes major new features for integrating Alpha TransForm into Alpha Anywhere applications. Features include full CRUD support for TransForm in List Controls in the UX - without the need to code. Also, an API explorer tool to make it easy to write code against the TransForm API.

Security Features

Alpha Anywhere already has a robust security framework but this new version increases security for your business apps. This version offers:

  • Upgraded SSL/TLS Support - You now have fine grain control over TLS connection options when working with remote servers. This allows your application to comply with specific company standards.
  • Cipher Upgrades - The Alpha Anywhere default cipher list have been updated to comply with newer standards, and you have the ability to specify your own cipher lists.
  • Cookie Enforcement - Alpha Anywhere now enforces cookie use rules to eliminate the use of cookieless sessions, which could otherwise pose a session hijacking threat.
  • Better support for self-signed certificates - Testing applications in Chrome using the development server with SSL enabled has been improved.
  • OpenSSL Update - Alpha Anywhere uses the latest version of OpenSSL, version 1.0.2o.

Instant Update for Mobile Apps

Save a ton of time and hassle with the "Instant Update for Mobile Apps" feature - This allows you to (instantly) update your mobile applications on users devices - without requiring you to submit your app to PhoneGap build, re-publish your application to the app stores, or requiring your users to look for and manually install updates.

Working with SQL just got Easier

New Genies for SQL - Alpha Anywhere now includes new genies that write Xbasic code that performs CRUD operations against SQL databases.

Easier Enhanced Client-Side Data Presentation

New Client-side Data Presentation Features - These include new date and date/time formats and dynamic popups with embedded controls, allowing you to create interactive messages on the fly in your web and mobile applications.

New Templates, JSON Functions, PhoneGap and Live Preview Capabilities

  • PhoneGap Version Upgrades - Alpha Anywhere now support the latest version of PhoneGap including PhoneGap cli-7.1.0 and PhoneGap 8.0.0.
  • Significant IDE improvements - These include new tools, hotkeys, and new browser options when testing UX Components in Live Preview.
  • New Application Templates - These include a template for managing users and roles in the Alpha Anywhere security framework and a template for creating master detail applications using multiple components.
  • New Xbasic Functions - These include a new functions for working with JSON and Alpha TransForm.

For a full list of changes and features in this release, visit the Release Notes.

For a list of Alpha Anywhere 4.5.3 videos, click here.

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