Alpha Anywhere 4.5.4 - Key Benefits

This release of Alpha Anywhere includes features in Security and for the Application Server for IIS. It also includes several bug fixes.

Alpha Anywhere 4.5.4 was released 10 days after Alpha Anywhere 4.5.3 and builds on the security and data integration functionality introduced with the release of Alpha Anywhere 4.5.3.

Security Features

Alpha Anywhere already has a robust security framework but this new version increases security for your business apps. This version offers:

  • Audit Logging - Take the guesswork out of who updated records with Auditing. Easily track changes made to your SQL data source including who edited your data, when the data was changed, and what value were modified. See Audit table (for SQL tables) to learn more.
  • TouchID/FaceID Recognition - Add an extra level of security to your mobile apps with TouchID/FaceID authentication. See PhoneGap - TouchID/FaceID Action Javascript to learn more.


Multi-server IIS Support - Take advantage of new configurations that aim to maximize performance under IIS in a multi-server environment using Redis as a Session State Provider.

For a full list of changes and features in this release, visit the Release Notes.

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