Alpha Anywhere 4.5.4 Videos

The videos below were published as part of the Alpha Anyhere 4.5.4, which was released on April 19, 2018.

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Auditing Auditing Table Edits In many applications it is desirable to keep track of every edit made to a SQL table so you can know what fields were changed, who made the edit and when the edit was made. This is often achieved by added update, insert and delete triggers to the SQL database. But in cases where it is not possible to modify the database, you can use the built-in auditing feature in Alpha Anywhere.

In this video we show how the auditing feature is set up and used.

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In cases where updates to SQL tables are made in your own Xbasic code (as opposed to from UX and Grid components), it is necessary to manually update the audit log. In this video we show how this is done.

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Date added: 2018-15-06