Alpha Anywhere 4.6 Release Notes


This page documents the release notes and details for all 4.6 releases.

For a list of videos related to 4.6, see Alpha Anywhere 4.6 Videos.

Hofixes available for

Alpha Anywhere 4.6.0

Breaking Changes

The Switch control in the UX Component has been changed . A new property has been added The previous Switch control Width property has been renamed Control container Width and a new Switch Width property has been added. This gives you more control over the appearance of the Switch control.

Switch controls in existing applications will be unaffected by this change until you edit them. When an existing Switch control is modified, or if the control is recalculated using other means, the width of the control will change to use the Switch width, not the Control container width. In order to restore your Switch to its original size, copy the Control container width to the Switch width.

New Features

Feature Highlights

Alpha Anywhere 4.6.0 is packed with new features. Some of the highlights include:

Learn more below.

Detailed Feature List


  • TransForm onSubmit Genie - Create an action to automatically submit form data to your database, run a report, or send an email when users upload forms to TransForm Central.
  • New TransForm API methods! Check them out in the TransForm API Explorer.

Developer Environment

  • Git Integration - Commit your projects to a Git or GitHub repository directly from the Alpha Anywhere IDE. Git and GitHub support is now integrated into the Web Control Panel.
  • Launch the Windows Command Window directly from the Web Projects Control Panel. Useful when working with Git.


  • Incremental Publishing support for Alpha Cloud - Alpha Cloud can now publish only the files that have changed. For large projects, publishing only the files that have changed can vastly reduce the amount of time it takes to publish your application to the cloud.
    Select the "Only publish changed files?" checkbox in the Alpha Cloud Publish dialog to do an incremental publish.


  • Application Server - TLS 1.3 can now be used as the minimum protocol version when accessing your applications. (NOTE: Not all browser clients support TLS 1.3.)
  • Classic Application Server - Security settings are automatically cleared on published.
  • Two-factor Authentication has been added for Alpha Anywhere applications. Two-factor authentication provides a more secure way for users to log into an application. The log-in process is divided into two stages. In the first stage the user is prompted for their username and password. If the username and password are successfully validated, the log-in process advances to the second stage where the user is prompted to enter an authentication code.
    Two-factor authentication can be added to any web or mobile application. Simply configure how the authentication process should be handled, test the app in-house to verify that the behavior is what you want, then distribute your app to your users.
    Two-factor authentication in Alpha Anywhere supports sending text messages, emails, or using the Google Authenticator Application to validate a user's credentials.

Mobile Applications

  • WkWebView Integration - iOS's UIWebView plugin, which is used to render the controls in PhoneGap applications, is deprecated and will be removed from a future version of iOS. The WkWebView is Alpha Software's replacement for UIWebView. You can now choose to use the WkWebView in lieu of the UIWebView in your PhoneGap applications. It is critical that you switch your PhoneGap applications to use the WkWebView plugin before the next version of iOS is released.
    The following actions no longer work with UIWebView. If you use these actions, you must switch to the WkWebView.
    • Camera access using the HTML5 option
    • File Upload - Amazon S3
  • Added support for Cordova-Sqlite-Evcore-Extbuild-Free Plugin, which is required when building Android PhoneGap applications with CLI-8.0.0. This plugin uses a special Android NDK SQLite database access library (C-language implementation), with some premium improvements to the internal JSON interface between the Javascript and native Android implementation, to provide significant performance and memory usage improvements on the Android platform.


  • Improved performance when creating reports that use remote images.

Data Integration

  • Enhanced support of native SQL expressions used in Lists has been added. If the query used to populate a List control uses Native SQL Syntax and cannot be parsed by Alpha's SQL Parser, a simplified builder is shown when you open the SQL Query Builder.
  • SQL JSON data type support was added. Alpha Anywhere will treat fileds in a table configured as a JSON data type as JSON data. The JSON data type may or may not be available in your system of record. Consult your database documentation for more information.
  • Expanded support for importing data from Excel files in Xbasic scripts (see Xbasic Below).
  • List Controls can now use an Excel File or CSV File as a data source.
  • SAP HANA now supported as a data source for applications.

Internationalization and Localization

  • Added support to use the user's locale based on the culture settings on the user's device. This includes the ability to automatically detect the user's locale to set the active language for Alpha Anywhere's localization framework.

User Experience

Server-side Processing

  • Ajax Chunked Responses - Long running scripts on the server can give the appearance that your application has stalled. Support has been added to send periodic messages back to the client for server-side processes that take a while. Put users at ease that your application hasn't locked up with periodic updates using chunked responses.

Client-side Events


Other Notable Changes

The Default Display Format for Time Fields in a Grid Component has been changed from time("{grid.clientSideDateFormat}",<value>) to time("{grid.clientSideDateFormat} 0h:0m 0s am",<value>) in order to preserve the time portion of the time field.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • List Control - Synchronization - Write Conflicts - List synchronization has changed such that if two or more users make the same edit to a field (e.g. set the 'username' to 'Steve'), it does not result in a write conflict.
  • List Control - Server-side Sorting - Sort direction icons are now shown in the List column headings if list columns are sorted on the server.
  • List Control - Excel Import - Fixed issue where columns with mixed data types would fail to import properly into a List control.
  • Xbasic - AlphaDAO - If a SQL command fails due to database deadlock, Alpha Anywhere will automatically retry the operation.
  • TabbedUI - Login Feature - Chrome 72 and Above - Fixed issue where password data was being filled into the wrong field in a Tabbed UI after a Google made changes to how password fields were handled in Chrome 72 and above.
  • Style Sheets - <Project Style> - Fixes for cases where the <Project Style> was set to a version 4 style (e.g. 'Alpha', or a style inherited from Alpha)
  • UX Component - File and Image Download Actions - The option to set the client-side filename for the downloaded file by calling a Javascript function was not implemented.
  • Component Builders - Property Grid - Fixed a number of issues with the Property Grid in the various component builders.
  • Xbasic - JSON_Generate() Function - The json_generate() function now encodes CRLFs as \r\n. Previously, these were encoded as \n.
  • Action Javascript - Email a Report - Fixed an issue when the method to send the report was 'Internal' (as opposed to Sparkpost or Mandrill).
  • Components - <ProjectStyle> - Fixed an issue where components were not getting the correct style sheet when the component style was set to <ProjectStyle>.
  • Desktop Applications - Network Optimize - Refreshing a shadow database would fail if the master database was on a mapped drive that pointed to a network share.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services - Fixed an issue when printing a SSRS report with many parameters.
  • Grid, UX, TabbedUI, PageLayout Components - Live Preview - <ProjectStyle> - When doing a Live Preview from a component builder, the style was not being published if it had been set to <ProjectStyle>.
  • UX Component - .UpdateTableRow() Method - Fixes an issue when using this method on a child List. The parent List was not getting marked as dirty.
  • Reports - International Characters - Improvements have been made in the way international characters in reports are rendered.
  • Web Applications - APIs - Fixed bug when publishing API - The host name in the <serviceName>.json file was getting hard coded to the Live Preview URL if you had done a live test of the API while developing the API subsequently to the last time you edited the API.
  • Grid Component - Advanced Search Control - Failed if the Grid was opened on an Ajax callback.
  • Grid Component - Arguments - Page Variables - The option to bind an argument to a Page Variable was missing.

Alpha Anywhere


The following hotfixes are available See How to install a hotfix for instructions on how to install a hotfix.

  • Hotfix 1 - Addresses the following issues:
    • Web Control Panel - Fixes crash when adding a custom column to the Web Control Panel than contains more than 260 characters.
    • UX Builder - Fixes cosmetic issue when moving the position of a control.
    • Web Control Panel - GitHub - Fixes an issue when pushing to GitHub if an existing _netrc file was not found.

New Features

Developer Environment

  • Git Integration Upgrades - Improvements have been made to improve the performance of converting a Project to a Git repository and committing changes. Color coding has also been added to the Web Projects Control Panel to indicate if a file has been modified. Colors are fully customizable.
  • Live Preview Server Address - Some APIs and oAuth providers have restrictions as to what IP addresses can be used for local testing purposes. You can now configure the Live Preview server to use your local IP address ( instead of localhost.


  • Alpha Anywhere has been upgraded to use OpenSSL 1.1.1c
  • Two-factor Authentication - Added the ability to suppress the two-factor authentication dialog that prompts the user for a secondary piece of authentication criteria.

User Experience

  • Added the ability to set the class name for the List control's Checkbox Select Column.
  • Added option to disable the confirmation dialog for the oAuth Get Access Token from Resource Provider Action Javascript actions.

Server-side Processing

  • onGotAccessToken - fires when an oAuth authentication flow completes. This event can be used to store the tokens returned by the oAuth provider.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • New Build Available Message - Suppress - Added ability to suppress suppress the "a new version is available" message shown when you launch the Alpha Anywhere IDE or the Alpha Anywhere Runtime: add a blank file called "suppressNewBuildMessage.txt" in the executable or workspace folder.
  • UX Component - Password Fields - Enter Key - Password fields in a UX component are automatically wrapped in <form>...</form> tags to prevent Google Chrome from logging a warning in the console window. Now, when the user is in a password field and presses the Enter key, the form wrapping the password field is no longer submitted.
  • Windows Commands - Fixed issue where the "Cascade", "Tile Horizontally", "Tile Vertically", and "Arrange Icons" commands on the Windows menu did not behave as expected.
  • UX Component - List Control - Keyword Searches - Date and Time Fields - Fixed an issue where data for time field was included in a keyword search.
  • Desktop Applications - Forms - Chrome Control - Fixed some issues related to using a Chrome control in a Form.
  • Alpha Theme - Pulse Effect - Menu Items - If the pulse effect was turned on, clicking buttons in menu items did not fire the click event.
  • Web Control Panel - Git - Network Drives - Added ability to make a Web Project folder into a Git repository for Projects that are stored on a drive that is not the same drive where Alpha Anywhere is installed, including Projects stored on a network drive.

For a full list of changes and features as they were added, visit the Release Notes.

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