Release Notes


Follow the links below to read the release notes for the current release and pre-release versions of Alpha Anywhere.

Alpha Anywhere Now Available!

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Release Overviews

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Alpha Anywhere Release

Released August 27, 2020

Alpha Anywhere 4.6 Release

Released May 2019

Alpha Anywhere 4.5.4 Release

(Released April 19, 2018) This release includes new features in security and for IIS and several bug fixes.

Alpha Anywhere 4.5.3 Release

(Released April 9, 2018) This release includes a number of new features in virtually every part of Alpha Anywhere, with special emphasis on features related to data integration and security without ignoring key areas such as power, productivity and presentation.

Release Videos

Many releases of Alpha Anywhere include new videos. Click the link below for a list of videos released with the version of Alpha Anywhere listed.

Alpha Anywhere was the successor to Alpha Five Version 11.
Alpha Anywhere 4.6 Videos

List of Videos published for Alpha Anywhere 4.6.

Alpha Anywhere 4.5 Videos

List of Videos published for all releases of Alpha Anywhere 4.5, including 4.5.0 through

Alpha Anywhere 4.4 Videos

List of Videos published for Alpha Anywhere 4.4.0 through Alpha Anywhere 4.4.5.

Alpha Anywhere 4.3 Videos

List of Videos published for Alpha Anywhere 4.3 through Alpha Anywhere 4.3.2.

Alpha Five Version 11 Videos

List videos published for Alpha Five Version 11.

Alpha Five Version 10 Videos

List of Web Application Videos published for Alpha Five Version 10.

Alpha Five Version 10 Desktop Videos

List of Desktop Videos published for Alpha Five Version 10.

Nightly Build

In addition to the official updates that Alpha Software makes available from time to time (which are described in this document), we also make available our internal nightly builds that allow you to see what features have been added and what bugs have been fixed since the last official update. The features and bug fixes in the nightly build will be part of the next official update.

Click here to view the Nightly Build Notes.