Building A5W Web Pages


An A5W web page (an ASCII file with an .A5W extension) is an ordinary HTML page with embedded Xbasic code and/or Web Components. You can create an A5W web page by:

  • Creating a standard HTML page with any set of HTML features, then adding Xbasic code or web components.

  • Creating an Alpha Anywhere web page with the Alpha Anywhere HTML Editor or Web Component Builder, then adding other standard HTML features.

Starting with a Standard HTML Page 

  1. Display the HTML Editor by clicking View > HTML Editor.

  2. Add or create any standard HTML content.

  3. Click 'Save' to display the Save Page dialog.

    • 1. Optionally, select the project that will contain the page from the drop-down list.

    • 2. Optionally, click New Project, enter the new project's name, and click OK.

    • 3. Enter the File name and click Save.

Inserting a Component 

  1. Click Insert Component to display the Insert Component dialog.

  2. Click Select to display the Select Component dialog.

  3. Pick a component from the list and click OK.

    The HTML Editor assigns the component's alias as the component is placed on the page. The alias must be unique. By default, the first 15 characters of the page name are used for the alias.
  4. Optionally, change the Alias for the component.

  5. Optionally, check Override any of the component settings.

  6. Optionally, click Show Current Settings to copy an existing setting to modify.

  7. Enter the statements that change settings into the Override Settings text box.

  8. Pick a Page Background Option. The options are:

    • "Don't set page background"

    • "Set page background to match style used in component" - allows a single page design to support different components with different backgrounds at different times.

    • "Automatically inherit page background from component when page is run" - not suitable when you are placing multiple components on a page.

  9. Click OK to continue or Cancel to discard your inputs.

Starting with the Web Component Builder 

Deleting Web Components 

To remove a web component from an A5W page:

  1. On the WYSIWYG view tab of the HTML Editor delete the visible components of InvoiceGrid.

  2. Save the component and confirm that you want the unnecessary component code removed.

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