Error: object.Refresh method not found


On rare occasions, you may get error messages like the following when trying to use data from a connection string to create a Grid:

Script:UI_DLG_BOX:_createDataSourceHeading_223219326 line:9
Property not found
ht.object.Refresh method not found

Script:UI_DLG_BOX:wcb_window032062010230054 line:284
Property not found
ht.object.Refresh method not found

Typically, this is caused by a Windows system problem, after which the Alpha Anywhere Html editor, which is based on the Microsoft htmled ActiveX control, is no longer properly installed. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, browse to, search for "dhtmled.msi", download it, and install it. You may have to turn off UAC in order to install it successfully. If you are using Windows XP or an older Windows version, it is likely that dhtmled.ocx or triedit.dll on your machine are missing or unregistered. These are microsoft DLLs. If they are present, try registering them using regsvr32.exe, e.g.:

  1. Open a CMD window and navigate to the folder where dhtmled.ocx is stored

  2. type: regsvr32 dhtmled.ocx using and press enter.

  3. Repeat for triedit.dll

These files are typically in this folder: %windir%\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\dhtmled\