Frequently Asked Questions


List of frequently asked questions

Checking Your Subscription Status

Your Alpha Anywhere subscription status can be checked using your license number.

How to Change the Favicon for a Web Application

How to add and display a Favicon in a web project.

How to Install the Latest Alpha Anywhere Release

The latest release of Alpha Anywhere can be accessed through the Help menu in Alpha Anywhere by using the "Check for New Version" tool.

Manually Creating a Dump File

In some cases, Alpha Technical support will require you send in a dump file that was manually created.

How to Submit a Bug Report

Instructions for submitting a bug report to Alpha Software.

How to Submit a Feature Request

Feature requests can be submitted using the Send an Enhancement Request menu option on the Help menu in Alpha Anywhere.

OpenSSL and TLS/SSL protocols used by Alpha Anywhere

OpenSSL and TLS/SSL protocols supported by current and past versions of the Alpha Anywhere web server products.

How to Transfer an Alpha Anywhere License

A license for the Alpha Anywhere Application Server or Developer Edition can be transferred between systems.