Reports Help Topics


Troubleshooting Issues with Reports.

Alpha Five Printer is not Installed

If the Amyuni printer is not installed, you cannot create Reports. This can be caused if the Amyuni installer failed or if the Amyuni printer was removed after installation.

CurrentGridFiler Ambiguous Column Name Error

"Ambiguous Column Name Error" occurs when using CurrentGridFilter()

Empty Objects are Taking up Space on The Report

A Report has controls that is taking up space when there is no content.

Printer error: hdcPrn is NULL

A printer error can occur if a Report is defined using a specific printer that does not exist.

High Order Characters Not Printing Correctly

UTF8 Support was added to Reporting Alpha Anywhere, before UTF8 was supported, reports used localization 'Active Code Page'. When a report is printed with 'allow all international characters in a free-form report' Option set to true, all fields return UTF8 encoded content, while the legacy setting of 'false' causes fields to return ACP encoded data. In the case of data that is originally UTF8 encoded, using ACP can cause loss of characters not included in the 'Active Code Page'.

Missing Fonts When Printing from the Cloud

This Section Describes how to install temporary fonts during a report generation when trying to render a report with a font that is not pre-installed on Alpha Cloud.

Objects are not Growing What placed in a Header or Footer

Some of the Header and Footer types are fixed size, and do not support growable objects.