Important Changes in Alpha Five Version 11


These articles discuss major changes in Alpha Five Version 11, including breaking changes and obsolete features that must be updated in applications being migrated from Alpha Five V10 or older. Note that more recent releases of Alpha Anywhere may have introduced additional changes that will require additional work to migrate your application to Alpha Anywhere.

Xbasic - DIMMing Variables

A change has been made in how Xbasic operates when DIMMing a dot variable. If the user has not explicitly specified the scope in the DIM statement, Alpha Anywhere will now try to see if the dot variable parent container already exists in all scopes (GLOBAL, SHARED, etc. ) and if so, it will DIM the variable in that scope rather than creating a new locally scoped variable.

Application Server Functionality

Browser tracking, caching of A5I files, caching of Gzipped output, MIME types, session files, session variables, and trace logging.

Server Programming Changes in Alpha Five Version 11

A list of server programming functions, including descriptions of functions and methods that have been removed or deprecated in Alpha Five Version 11.

Replacing Response.Add_Cookie Function

Response.Add_Cookie() was marked as deprecated in the V10 release and has been removed in V11. Any code which attempts to use this method will generate an error and must be updated.

Replacing Response.Add_Header()

This article applies to older applications being moved to Alpha Anywhere. This information does not apply to new applications built with Alpha Anywhere.

Upgrading Session File Storage in Legacy apps

Prior to Alpha Five Version 11, developers often used the Session.Session_Folder property as a location in which to save session files and Session.Session_URL as a base URL to then link to the session file. Both of these properties were removed in Version 11, which means legacy code which uses them must be updated.

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