Deprecated and Obsolete Features introduced in Alpha Anywhere 4.3

Google has deprecated some of their mapping functionality. In response, some mapping features have been removed from Alpha Anywhere and are no longer available.

Deprecated and Obsolete Features introduced in Alpha Anywhere 4.4.0

Session Folders are now obsolete in Alpha Anywhere 4.4.0. If you have not already moved away from using session folders, read this article to learn what you need to do to update your applications.

Deprecated and Obsolete Features introduced in Alpha Anywhere 4.4.4

Several changes were made to the Request object in Alpha Anywhere 4.4.4, including the deprecation of multiple properties. Read this article to find out what change are needed in order to update your applications to Alpha Anywhere 4.4.4 or newer.

Important Changes in Alpha Anywhere 4.5.3

Changes have been made in this release to how Active Directory authentication works. This may affect your applications. Also, Cookieless Sessions are no longer supported.

Important Changes in Alpha Anywhere

A change was made to disable the Upload button for the File and Image Upload Action Javascript actions. As a result of this change, you may need to recalculate your Grid and UX components that use this action.

Important Changes in Alpha Anywhere

Some in-place editing JavaScript functions have been renamed. This will affect uses using these functions in client-side scripts. You will need to update your JavaScript to use the new function names.

Important Changes in Alpha Anywhere

The PhoneGap Build service has been shot down by Adobe. Despite the PhoneGap Build service is no longer available, you can still create mobile apps with Alpha Anywhere using Cordova CLI and Ionic Appflow. Because of this, we have changed instances of "PhoneGap" to "Cordova" in the Alpha Anywhere UI.

Deprecated and Obsolete Features in Alpha Anywhere

Generating PDFs with the Amyuni Printer has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Alpha Anywhere.

Deprecated and Obsolete Features introduced in Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere deprecated manipulating argument values on the client, as well as the Xbasic saveAs() method for Forms and Browses. Support for generating PDFs using the Amyuni Printer drivers has also been removed.

Important Changes in Alpha Five Version 11

These articles discuss major changes in Alpha Five Version 11, including breaking changes and obsolete features that must be updated in applications being migrated from Alpha Five V10 or older. Note that more recent releases of Alpha Anywhere may have introduced additional changes that will require additional work to migrate your application to Alpha Anywhere.