Renaming Workspaces
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A workspace consists of several files. They have the same prefix as the workspace, and have the extensions: .ALB, .ALX, .ALM, and .ADB

Troubleshooting Databases
Information on commonly encountered issues when working with databases in Alpha Anywhere applications.
Renaming a Set
/documentation/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Data/Set/Renaming a Set.xml
To rename a set:
NoSQL Databases
/documentation/pages/Guides/Databases/Working with NoSQL Databases/index.xml
Learn how to use the MongoDB and CouchDB APIs in Xbasic.
Renaming a Table
/documentation/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Data/DBF/Renaming a Table.xml
To rename a table:
Connecting to SQL Databases
Defining connection strings, and instructions for connecting to specific databases.
Browse Through ADO Databases
/documentation/pages/Server/Reference/Design/Data/SQL/Browse Through ADO Databases.xml
This script demonstrates how to use the A5_ADO_TO_ARRAY() function which populates an array with data from a Microsoft Access database, or an ADO connection string. The A5_ADO_TO_ARRAY() function is a wrapper function. Inside the function, direct calls are made to ADO to fetch the data.
Geographic Databases
/documentation/pages/Guides/Databases/Geography/Geographic Databases.xml
Covers what makes good geographic data, what nomenclature is used for geographic data, and how to create a table with geographic data.
SQLite Databases
/documentation/pages/Guides/PhoneGap/Data Integration/SQLite.xml
When you create a Cordova project, you can include pre-populated SQLite database files as part of the Cordova project.
Alpha Cloud Alpha Anywhere Developers Guide Managing Test Databases
/documentation/pages/Guides/Alpha Cloud/Alpha Anywhere Developers Guide/Managing Test Databases.html