AlphaCloud::API Register Method
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Register() is used to make the Alpha Cloud API available to Xbasic.

The first call to Register() will check for the latest version of the API and install it if necessary. That first call can be expensive so Alpha Anywhere and Alpha Anywhere Application Server do NOT automatically install the Alpha Cloud namespace.

Calling the function more than once does not add any overhead.

AlphaCloud::API Class
Used to register the provisioning API for Alpha Cloud.
AlphaCloud Namespace
The AlphaCloud namespace is used to provision resources on Alpha Cloud as part of a SaaS (Software as a Service) application. In this way, an Alpha Anywhere web application can be used to provision new web sites, security applications (groups of users and roles) and application deployments.
WorldPayAPI Namespace
Payment processing classes for working with WorldPayAPI.
AlphaCloud::APIResult Class

AlphaCloud::APIResult is a common base class used to provide detailed status information after a function call on an instance of a class that is part of the AlphaCloud namespace.

After a call, you can get this information by referencing the CallResult property of the instance.

Alpha Cloud Alpha Anywhere Developers Guide Alpha Cloud Xbasic API
/documentation/pages/Guides/Alpha Cloud/Alpha Anywhere Developers Guide/Alpha Cloud XBasic API.html
WorldPay API
/documentation/pages/Server/Guide/Design/Api/Using World Pay Api.xml
How you can access WorldPay's API in order to create credit card and ACH transactions for your app.
Desktop API
Functions and Objects that apply to desktop application written using Alpha Anywhere. Some functions and objects can be used in web and mobile applications, as well.
Chart API
/documentation/pages/Guides/Report/Charts/Custom/Chart API.xml
Alpha Anywhere includes a powerful built-in charting engine that uses the charting capabilities of Microsoft .NET Framework 4. You can program the charting engine directly using the API described on this page, or create charts in a builder, described at Chart Control. Using the API gives you the maximum amount of flexibility, but using the builder you can produce most commonly-used charts quickly and easily.
CSS Namespace
Classes in the CSS Namespace.