Restricting Access by IP Address on the Classic Application Server
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Access can be restricted to specific IP addresses for your Alpha Anywhere web applications and web services.

Uploading Files to the Application Server
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Web publishing applications only. To upload a file, the <form> tag must use the POST method and set the enctype to multipart/form-data as follows:
Cancel Changes
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The Cancel Changes action removes all edits made to the current record. Use this action as an "escape" method to prevent accidental changes to a record.
Application Server for IIS Amyuni Installer Error
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During the installation of Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS, the Amyuni printer can fail in some situations. This article explains how to determine the cause of the failure.
How to Specify an Alternate Configuration File for the Alpha Anywhere Classic Application Server
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The Classic Application Server allows for an alternate configuration file to be specified. This is done through the use of a command line option, CONFIGFILE. For example, to launch the Application Server using a configuration file named TestConfig.xml in the root of the server's C drive:
How to Test Connection Strings on the Application Server
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Named AlphaDAO connection strings must be defined relative to the server in a publishing profile. The Application Server's Connection String Builder Genie can be used to create and test published connection strings. Connection strings can then be copied to the publishing profile in the Alpha Anywhere Development Environment.
Locating Logs for the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS
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Log files are useful for troubleshooting issues in web applications. The Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS writes events to the Xbasic Error log and Trace logs when abnormal conditions are encountered. The Application Server for IIS also writes to the Windows Event Logs. Failed Request Tracing can be used, as well, to track down failed requests.
Run multiple applications or web sites by using multiple Application Server configuration files
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Traditionally, Application Server administrators provide service for multiple applications by using a single instance of the Application Server, placing each distinct application within a different subdirectory under the webroot.
Building the Sample Mobile Application
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How to Setup Production and Development Versions of Your Web Application with the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS
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Learn how to publish separate production and test sites for your web application.