User-Defined Popup Help in Xdialog
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The new a5_showPopupHelp() makes it very easy to put help buttons on an Xdialog that the user can click for additional help. The help can be defined using Xdialog or HTML. (See example in Learning Xdialog.)
Xdialog Help Pages
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[Xdialog Function Reference]
Learning Xbasic - Classes
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Learn how to create Xbasic classes in these articles that discuss everything from the basics of creating a class, inheritance, and testing classes.
HtmlHost Xdialog command
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Similar to conditional expressions, enable/disable and show/hide expressions , a5:style allows the style of an htmlhost tag to be a calculated value.
MDI Xdialog Framework
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You can take advantage of a technique for creating MDI Xdialogs. Refer to the sample 'Learning Xdialog' database that ships with Alpha Anywhere and refer to the 'mdi_xdialog_frameworkV8' script. The main difference between the new technique, and the technique described here is that in the new technique, a 'context' is established and the menu and toolbar are instantiated in that 'context'. This is done in the Xdialog's OnInit event. It is no longer necessary to instantiate the menus and toolbars in the onactivate event and then destroy them in the ondeactivate event.
Xdialog HTML
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Commands for embedding HTML to an Xdialog.
Xdialog Buttons
Guides relating to Xdialog buttons.
Embedded HTML in Xdialog
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It is easy to embed HTML into Xdialog. You can simply use the {html}, or {htmlIE} command, rather than defining and placing the Internet Explorer ActiveX control in your Xdialog.
New In Xdialog
Header sections, the Xdialog genie, embedded browses on xdialogs, {Title} command, user defined dock panels and more.
Learning Xbasic - Using Xbasic with SQL Tables
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A tutorial about learning Xbasic. Includes a number of videos and procedural guides for working with Xbasic and sql tables.