Text Dictionary
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The Text Dictionary is a powerful, convenient way to build multi-lingual mobile and web applications.
Text Dictionary
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The 'Text Dictionary' tag is a language tag that can be used to lookup up the tag definition in a SQL table - the 'Text Dictionary Table'. This makes it easy to internationalize your application.
Localization & Application Internationalization

Applications supporting multiple languages can be built in Alpha Anywhere.

Reports - Free-form Reports - Text Dictionary Tags
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You can now use text dictionary tags (...) to internationalize the labels in a report.
Using Text Dictionary Tags in .A5W Pages
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When you create a standard .a5w page, you might want to use text dictionary tags in your pages. This can easily be done if you make a change to how your .a5w page is constructed.
Reports - Layout Table Reports - Project Reports - Text Dictionary
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You can now insert text dictionary tags in Layout Table reports defined at the Project level. Workspace reports do not support Text Dictioanries.
Dictionary Functions
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Alpha Anywhere provides the following Dictionary functions.
Dictionary Methods
Methods for the dictionary object. The [DICTIONARY.CREATE()] and [DICTIONARY.OPEN()] methods return standard table pointers, which means that you may use other table methods to work with the dictionary.
Text dictionary tags
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Show Text Dictionary tags (...) used in this component.
Text dictionary tags
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Show Text Dictionary tags (...) used in this component.