How to Use User-Defined Scalar Functions in Oracle and SQL Server
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User-defined scalar functions in Oracle and SQL Server can be called from Alpha Anywhere.
Creating and Programming Hotspots with Xbasic
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Many of the forms in the AlphaSports application have a set of images in the lower right corner. At first, you might think these were buttons with image labels. In fact, they are actually composed of two layered images and a set of Hotspots. A hotspot is similar to a button without a visible component. It is a rectangular region that responds to an OnPush event and will run either an Action Script or Xbasic code.
Xbasic Help Pages
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[The Xbasic Programming Environment]
Creating and Programming a Hotspot with Action Scripting
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The following procedure assumes that the developer has opened the form in the Form Editor . Follow these instructions to use Action Scripting to create and format a hotspot similar to hotspot4 .
Print and PDF Functions
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Functions for working with PDFs and printing in Alpha Anywhere.
OLE and ActiveX Methods
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Alpha Anywhere provides the following ActiveX/OLE methods.
Bitmap and Graphic Functions
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Functions for working with bitmaps and graphics.
Emailing Scripts and Functions
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To email a script or function:
Date and Time Functions
/documentation/pages/Ref/Api/Functions/Data Type/Date and Time Functions/index.xml
Methods to support date and time data types.
Functions and Expressions
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Functions are pre-defined operators which can be used in an expression to perform an operation. Expressions, which are similar to mathematical equations, are used throughout Alpha Anywhere to specify search criteria, put records in a particular order, link tables in a set, and more.