Portable SQL
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Portable SQL

Portable SQL
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This page contains a general overview of portable SQL and the SQL::Query and SQL::Connection Objects.
SQL Events
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SQL Event functions can be used when performing SQL operations, such Create, Update, and Delete operations and DatabaseSnapshots.
SQL Namespace
Classes to connect to and work with SQL data sources.
SQL Events
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Three SQL events are available when peforming create, update, and delete operations with Xbasic: UpdateBegin(), UpdateEnd(), UpdateProgress().
SQL Genie
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The SQL Genie creates SQL SELECT statements using Portable SQL.
About SQL
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The language that you use to talk to an AlphaDAO back-end database is SQL. The two most common types of SQL commands that you will want to send to your database are commands that returns a set of records (do not confuse the use of the word "set" here with Alpha Anywhere's Set object) and commands that update, delete, or insert records into the database.
SQL in Desktop
Working with SQL in desktop applications.
SQL::List::Item Method
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The SQL::List::Item() method
SQL::List::Remove Method
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The SQL::List::Remove() method