Alpha Cloud Alpha Anywhere Developers Guide Managing Security Applications
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Web Application Security Guide
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The Web Security Framework easily adds a sophisticated security system to any web application running on the Alpha Anywhere Application Server.
Web Applications
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Alpha Anywhere web publishing allows you easily create and publish web pages. These web pages allow an unlimited number of remote users with Internet browsers to read, and optionally edit and insert records in your Alpha Anywhere, Microsoft Access, or other ADO/ODBC compatible database.
Web Security
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A list of web security settings in Alpha Anywhere.
Sharing Web Security Across Multiple Projects
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Multiple Alpha Anywhere applications can reference the same user database for login and security. Using Groups, you can limit who has access to each application while enabling them to log in using the same account for all applications.
Save Web Security Values
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Save submitted data to the web security system.
Email and Web Applications
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If you wish to send emails from your web application, there are 2 approaches:
Introduction - Web Applications
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This tutorial is intended to help new users of Alpha Anywhere to develop fully functional web database applications. The underlying assumption of this tutorial is that you have Alpha Anywhere and the AlphaSports sample database.
Web Application Security Functions
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Alpha Anywhere provides the following functions for working with web application security.
Web Security Framework
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How Web Security works.