Array Methods
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Methods available for objects dimmed as arrays.
Xbasic Arrays
To store a series of data values of the same data type together under the same variable name, declare the variable as an array. Arrays are useful for collecting and processing lists of information. They must be explicitly defined with the *[xb:DIM]* statement before they are used. The declaration must include the Array Size which is the maximum number of data elements the array will contain.
Xbasic Help Pages
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[The Xbasic Programming Environment]
About SQL
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The language that you use to talk to an AlphaDAO back-end database is SQL. The two most common types of SQL commands that you will want to send to your database are commands that returns a set of records (do not confuse the use of the word "set" here with Alpha Anywhere's Set object) and commands that update, delete, or insert records into the database.
About Forms and Browses
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Much of the ease of use and simplicity of Alpha Anywhere comes from the fact that forms and browses are bound to tables or sets. A form allows you to view a single record from a table. A browse displays multiple records. Schematically, they are illustrated below.
Testing and Using an Xbasic Class
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In general, it's good to test Xbasic code of any sort first in an Interactive window. When you find good sequences for testing, you can copy them into Xbasic scripts, along with notes about the expected output. Your Xbasic scripts can easily include code to set up and tear down test databases.
About Indexes, Queries, and Ranges
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This guide covers when to use indexes and queries, index files vs index tags, the components of an index tag, important index procedures, important query procedures, and more.
About ListTables and ListTablesWithTypes
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ListTables and ListTablesWithTypes are overloaded to accept a single object of type SQL::TableFilter, as opposed to having to list out a series of logical values as individual arguments.
How to Reference Component Definition Properties in Xbasic
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Ajax callbacks and server-side events in components are typically passed the e.tmpl object which contains component definition for use in your Xbasic scripts, which contains all of the information about the component for Alpha Anywhere to generate the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to send to the client.

Array Functions
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Array methods and support functions.