Email Client Control (Alpha Anywhere)


[%P=POPUP.EMAIL_A5( Email );I=POPUP.EMAIL%. Width Email ]



Numeric. The width of the control.


Character. The variable that contains the default value of the To: field


The Email Client Control displays the Alpha Anywhere email client. One or more Email Client controls may appear inside the Format section of a UI_DLG_BOX() or UI_MODELESS_DLG_BOX() function.


Tbl = table.current()
Original_Filename = tbl.filename_get()
Tbl = table.reset("clients")
spin = 1
date1 = date()
number = 345.23
url = ""
email = ""
result=ui_dlg_box("Smart Fields",<<%dlg%
This script demonstrates several kinds of "smart fields".;
Filename:| Doc files(*.doc)%.52filename;
Spin:| %s1,10%.32spin;
Field:| %d%.32field;
The next smart fields are "user defined" smart fields.;
Path:| %p=ui_get_path("Enter Path","c: ","c:\windows\ ");I=$a5_folder%.30path;
Date:| %P=popup.calendar( dtoc(date1) );I=popup.calendar%.30date1;
Number: | %P=popup.calculator(number);I=popup.calculator%.30number;
URL: | [%p=popup.url(url);i=popup.url%.50url];
Email_A5: | %p=popup.email_a5(email); \(using Alpha Anywhere mail client);
Email: |; \(using default mail client);
%dlg% )
You must not have any space characters in the finished command.

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