Sub-Form Properties


A list sub-form properties with examples included.

 Setup Properties

  •  Object Name

    The name of the control. as C
  •  Primary Table

    The name of the table to which the parent form is bound.

    :formname.controlname.form.source_db as C
  •  Form Layout

    The name of the other form to display. as C
  •  Form by Expression

    An expression that selects another form to display.

  •  Read Only

    Whether the sub-form is read only.

    :browsename.controlname.form.readonly as L
  •  Hide

    Hides or displays the sub-form.

    :formname.controlname . Object.visible as L
  •  Always on Top

    When checked the control is always on the top-most level of the form layout. No other form elements will over lap it.

    :formname.controlname.object.always_on_top as L
  •  Tab Stop

    Enables or disables the ability to tab to the sub-form.

    :formname.controlname . Object.tabstop as L
  •  Disable

    Enables or disables the tabbed control.

    :formname.controlname . Object.Enabled as L

 Dimension Properties

  •  Left

    Sets the horizontal position of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.left as N
  •  Top

    Sets the vertical position of the control. as N
  •  Width

    Sets the width of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.width as N
  •  Height

    Sets the height of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.height as N