Data Integration

Alpha Alpha Anywhere applications can perform CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations against virtually any kind of data source, including SQL databases, NoSQL databases, web services and more.

Applications can also integrate data from multiple sources at the same time, helpful for creating reports, dashboards, and other business intelligence solutions.

SQL Databases

Alpha Anywhere includes native drivers for popular and enterprise back end SQL systems. This includes Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 and many others. This allows you to connect to data you are already using in another system, without disrupting the other system. For example, if you had a web application written in Ruby or a desktop application in Visual Basic (or MS Access), you could leave that system in place and create a mobile application that shares data with the legacy system.

SQL Tools

Alpha Anywhere includes a collection of tools for working with SQL databases. These include:

The Database Explorer

The Database Explorer is for viewing the structure of database, the structure of its tables and views, as well as statistics and a preview of its data.

SQL Query Genie

The SQL Query Genie is point and click tool for creating and testing SQL statements.

SQL Command Window

The SQL Command Window lets you type or paste SQL commands and then execute them against a backend SQL database.

Portable SQL

Alpha Anywhere has its own, generic version of the SQL language, called Portable SQL, which is generated for you when you use the SQL Query Genie and other tools. Before connecting to a database, Alpha automatically translates Portable SQL to the correct native format for the SQL backend you are using.

Flying Start Genie

The Flying Start Genie automatically builds a simple web application using the structure of a SQL database. You can then modify the application to suit your needs.

Web Services

In addition to SQL backends, you can also use web services as a data source. If the web service you want to use follows the OData protocol, Alpha has a connector that you can use to build a connection string to the OData service. If the web service uses another protocol, you may need to write (or acquire) a custom connector.


Alpha Anywhere includes a connector for OData data sources, which you can select when you create a connection string. (See connection strings)

An example of OData in use with Alpha Anywhere can be found in this video: Using OData Data Sources