Alpha Cloud - Alpha Anywhere Developer's Guide

Managing Accounts

Accounts are are collections of Alpha Cloud applications and deployments that you manage. They have a status and primary contact. Any users you authorize can manage those applications and deployments.

To manage your accounts from within Alpha Anywhere:

  1. Click on the Alpha Cloud toolbar icon in the web control panel and select "Advanced" and then "Accounts" from the drop down menu.

  2. To change the primary contact or the status of an account of which you are the primary contact or authorized maintainer, make the changes right in the grid.
  3. When you have finished making changes, click "Apply Changes" to update the cloud.

You can authorize additional users to manage account resources by clicking on the button entitled "Manage Authorized Maintainers". For more information on authorized maintainers see Delegating Access.

Note: Once you have created an account, you must select "Preferences" from the Alpha Cloud menu in the web control panel and change your selected account to manage applications and deployments within that account.