Alpha Cloud - Alpha Anywhere Developer's Guide

Managing Alerts

Understanding Alerts
Managing Notifications

Understanding Alerts

When something significant happens in the cloud, an event is logged. Some of those events affect your subscription.

  • You can create an alert for events, such as a month-to-date cost overage or a projected overage for the month, requesting that you be notified when and if the event occurs.

  • Some events include quantities; such as the US dollar amount of an overage. For those events, you can set a threshold using an operator and a constant value indicating that you only want to be notified if the event satisfies the constraint you specify.

  • Alpha Cloud will send an e-mail to each recipient you designate for the alert you create each time the alert occurs.

Note: Certain events, such as overages and projected overages, can be reported once per day. An overage may continue to be reported once each day for the remainder of the month it occurs in.

Managing Notifications

To manage alerts for your subscription:

  1. Open the Manage Subscriptions dialog, by clicking the Alpha Cloud toolbar icon on the web control panel and selecting "Advanced" and then "Subscriptions" from the drop down menu.

  2. The Manage Subscriptions dialog will display.

  3. Select the subscription you want to maintain alerts for by clicking on the row where the subscription is displayed.

  4. Click the button labeled "Manage Alerts" toward the bottom of the dialog.

  5. The Manage Subscription Alerts dialog will display as below.

  6. To add a new alert, click the new row (indicated by the * to the left).

    1. Select the event name to receive notifications for.

    2. For events with quantities, select the operator and comparison values to filter notifications.

    3. Enter one or more e-mail addresses in the notification list separated by commas.

  7. To update an alert, click the row and column you want to change.

  8. To delete an alert, check the box labeled Delete to the right of a row.

    Note: You can disable an alert without deleting it, by setting the status to "Disabled".

  9. Once you have finished making your changes, click the button labeled "Apply Changes" to save your changes or "Discard Changes" to reset the dialog.