Alpha TransForm


Create applications against the Alpha TransForm API using helper features and built-in Xbasic functions designed to make working with the Alpha TransForm API simple.


TransForm is a stand-alone service for building mobile data collection forms (i.e. apps). To use TransForm you do not need an Alpha Anywhere license, but if you also have Alpha Anywhere, there are several features in Alpha Anywhere that make working with TransForm easier. To learn more about TransForm, click here.

Alpha Anywhere can be used to create complementary applications that integrate with your Alpha TransForm account. While Alpha TransForm's API is built to be used with any application, Alpha Anywhere's helper features make it easier to build mobile, web, or desktop applications.

TransForm Helper Features

Alpha Anywhere includes built-in tools that make it easy to create applications that interact with Alpha TransForm.

Reporting with TransForm

Build reports using Alpha Anywhere's banded Report Writer for your TransForm data.

Alpha TransForm Functions

Xbasic functions for working with the Alpha TransForm API.