Using the Pop-up Event Editor


The pop-up event editor provides a quick way to see what events are available for an object.

Some of the examples in this guide require the "Learning Action Scripting" workspace. See Creating Your First Action Script to learn how to get the "Learning Action Scripting" workspace installed.

In addition to the full Code Editor, you can also edit event scripts in a convenient, resize-able, pop-up editor. The advantage of the pop-up editor is that it opens very quickly and it gives you an overview of all of the events that a particular object has.

You access the Pop-up Event Editor in Form Design Mode. The Events right-click menu lists all the Events for the form. Only the Events that appear selected and in bold type have already been defined. For more information, see Attaching Scripts to Events.

To open the Pop-up Event Editor:

  1. Right click the form control.

  2. Select Events > Popup Editor...

The Pop-up Event Editor is useful for making quick changes to an event, or getting a quick overview of all the events for a particular object or Form.

To access the full Code Editor, click the Launch Script Editor button.


Desktop Applications Only