Refresh Passive-Link Table(s)



The Refresh Passive-Link Table(s) action refreshes the contents of a passive-link table, optionally prompting for confirmation before clearing the table's contents.


  1. Select which tables you want to refresh:

    • "All Passive-Link Tables"

    • "Selected Passive-Link Tables"

  2. If you selected "Selected Passive-Link Tables" in step 1, place checkmarks next to the tables you wish to refresh.

  3. Optionally, clear Prompt for confirmation before refreshing tables. Remember that the refresh procedure first clears all the data from the table.

  4. Optionally, select Run silently. Normally, Alpha Anywhere displays a progress dialog. This hides the progress dialog.

  5. Click Next >.

  6. Optionally, modify the comment that describes the action.

  7. Click Finish to return to the Action Scripting Editor.

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