Amyuni PDF Printer Driver


Information relating to the Amyuni driver.

Until late September 2010, Alpha Five V10.5 came with Version of the Amyuni Printer Driver for PDF printing. Amyuni has released Version of their driver, which they claim improves support for printing on 64 bit operating systems. We are now shipping the updated Amyuni drivers. However, this patch does not install the new Amyuni drivers. To get the new Amyuni drivers, you must run a 'full' install (to get a full version install, download the trial from link), or re-download the App Server or Runtime using the links in the confirmation email you received when you purchased the App Server or the Runtime). Before installing the full version, App Server or Runtime, go to the Printers folder and delete the 'AlphaFiveV4' printer. If you are not experiencing any problems with PDF printing, we suggest that you do not install the new drivers.

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