AppLauncher Properties


A list of application launcher properties.

Application Launcher 

  • Startup screen html 

    Specify the HTML to show on the loading screen.

  • Startup screen has free-form layout 

    Allows you to have complete control over the HTML that is shown on the startup screen. A default template is generated from the properties set in the builder. You can then use this template as a starting point if you wish.

  • Startup screen free-form layout 

    Define the template for the startup screen HTML.

  • Start screen style 

    Specify any in-line CSS to apply to the div that contains the startup html.

  • Display login form 

    Display login fields on startup screen.

  • Customize login failure messages 

    Customize login failure messages

  • Startup component 

    Specify the name of the Component that the AppLauncher should run. You can specify different Components to run depending on what type of device the user is using. You can also specify different style sheets. For example, if the user is on an iPhone, you might want to use an iPhone style sheet, and if the user is on an Android phone, you might want to use an Android stylesheet.

  • Suppress warning if no startup component 

    If none of the expressions in the 'Startup component' definition evaluate to true, a warning message is displayed. You can choose to suppress this message.

  • Startup component alias 

    We now prompt for this for each component expression list

  • Startup component is loaded using a full page reload 

    When the startup component is loaded, should a full page reload be done? In most cases it will not be necessary to do a full page reload and you do not need to check this property. However, if you redirect to an .a5w page, or another URL, then you must check this property.

  • Pass browser flags on URL 

    When redirecting to the target page or component, should the browser flags be passed on the URL, or stored in a session variable (called session.__browserFlags)?

Login Form Customization