The Lookup property allows you retrieve one or more field values from another grid. Your grid must be Updateable before you can add a Lookup property. You can set a field to be updateable from the grid Fields page by clicking the (editable?) checkbox above the Selected: fields list. Lookups open in an Ajax window. This makes the lookup perform quickly and causes the Lookup window to open on the page, without requiring a new Browser window. Because of Ajax, popup blockers will not prevent the Lookup from opening. When you check the checkbox next to the Lookup property, you will notice that two additional properties appear. These are the Lookup Type and Lookup definition properties.

Lookup Property

When checked, makes the Textbox or Textarea control able to open a secondary lookup grid and retrieve field values.

Lookup Definition

Lookup definition allows you to define what component and/or fields will be used in you Lookup, what filters will be used, and more.

Lookup Type

Lookup Type has a dropdown select list with these options: Grid Component, Auto-Suggest List, and Edit-Combo List. The Auto-Suggest list option creates Lookups that function much like a Google search toolbar.