Adding New Markers to a Map


Shows how a New Marker Can be Added to a Map When Entering New Records to a Grid.

When you add a new record to a Grid, instead of asking the user to manually enter a value into the latitude and longitude fields in the new record, it might be desirable to allow the user to right click on the map at a specific location and then automatically set the value of the longitude and latitude field in the row with the position of the marker that was added to the map. Also, once the marker has been added, the user can drag the marker to a new location and the latitude and longitude fields in the new record will be updated.

The videos on using the Google Maps and Geography search features in V11 are all built using a database of airports in the United States. In case you would like to create your own components that use the Airports database, you can download it at this link. The file is a zipped .bak file. To use the file, you must unzip it, open SQL Server Management Studio, right click on 'Databases', select the 'Restore Database' command, and choose the airports.bak file you just unzipped.

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