Dynamic Images and Image Sequences


When you place a marker on a Google Map, you have full control over the icon that is used. You can specify an expression that evaluates to the icon name to use for the marker. Or, you can specify an Xbasic function that will get called for each row in the Grid. The function can compute the marker icon based on the data in the current Grid row.

You can also use built in image sequences. An image sequence is a set of numbered icons. In this video we show how you can use an image sequence in the map and also use the same sequence in the Grid itself. This makes it very easy for the user to see a record in the Grid and immediately locate the corresponding marker on the map.

Use image sequences for the markers on your map. Here we have a google map and we are showing markers for all of the airports. using default for each marker. Dynamic Map Marker Image dialog. Click on Built-in Image Sequence. Image sequences dialog appears. Select one Alternatively we could write an Xbasic expression. could compute which icon to use. could be an image for a hospital or a library, ect... Look at map, should now see numbered icons. Make this easy to reference from grid. Insert image control into Fields in grid. Under image definition property in Fields. specify image sequence, use same image sequence as the map itself. Can now see where things are located very easily since they have corresponding numbers.