Search Part - Geography Searches


Certain SQL databases (such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Postgres) support a special data type called 'Location'.

If a table has a location field (which contains information about a record's position - latitude and longitude), then you can perform 'geography' searches. For example, you can find all records that are within x miles of a certain location, or all records that fall within an area marked by the latitude and longitude of 3 or more points. You can put a Google Map in the Search part of the Grid to make specifying geography searches easy. This video shows how you can put a Google Map into the Search Part and how Alpha Anywhere automatically generates the Portable SQL to query the database. The video demonstrates both 'location' and 'radius' searches.

Geography Search features. Location is a special SQL server type. Latitude and Longitude derived from Location field. Search Part on grid. Location field is configured as a map. Location field on the search part. Field properties> Control type set to map. When smart field is brought up can change map properties. User can do two types of searched. Polygon, Radius, Polygon and Radius searches. Map center Address. Bunch of other formatting options Pull out polygon and click Search button. Creates polygon using markers. Can also use radius. can tell you how many airports fall within the radius of your marker.