Search Part - Show Search Results on Screen


This video continues from GM10. When you have a Google Map in the Search Part of a Grid you can use the Map to mark a search polygon or radius, as shown in the previous video. However, you can also display markers on the map to show the location of the records found by the search.

In this video we show how the search results can be plotted on the map. A marker is placed on the map for each record found by the search. The video shows how you can customize the bubble help, title and info box for each marker that is placed on the map. The video also shows how the click action for each marker can be customized - you can use a built-in action, such as 'open Detail View', or you can define your own Javascript.

Can type in any address that you want to center a map on. Map properties. Click on Show search results on map. Can use any icon you want Marker icons. Can be dynamic, in which case you'll specify an expression to use the marker icon. Here using a sequence How the bubble help will be populated Marker info Edit Expression click template. This is important

This is the airport for {"Name") + " " +"City")}

Latitude and Longitude of marker Go to preview. Mark a polygon on the screen. Click search. 13 records found. Each airport shows up as a marker on the map itself. Here defined bubble help. Ability to display search results on map. Alternative to using the Alternate View

In the map properties, changed the action for what happens when you click on the marker from the default info box to a detail view. Mark a polygon you want to search. Click search. click on an icon. will see the detail view for that marker

Resize polygon. Only see 10 markers on first page of grid. Turn Rows of data when search active from -1 to 0. Should now be able to see more than 10 records. Can now see all records, still open detail view.

Map definition > Map properties. Can custom action, arbitrary javascript. Have access to all of the system variables still. Can see Javascript pop-up when you click on a marker.

dynamic images in the actual grid row. image control in fields in Image definition choose an image sequence.