Query-by-Example row initial display


The Query-by-Example row initial display property allows you to decide how you want a Query-by-Example row to appear when a user opens your application.

The ' Hidden ' option will keep the QBE controls concealed from the user until they click the 'Show/Hide QBE Row' hyperlink on the grid's Record Navigation Bar. Setting the Query-by-Example row initial display property to ' Shown ' will load a grid with the QBE controls fully visible; while allowing the user to close this row using the Show/Hide QBE Row link. The third option, 'Shown-Cannot Be Hidden' , displays the QBE controls in the grid but does not give users the ability to hide the controls. There is no hyperlink with this option.

Initial Display 'Hidden'
Initial Display 'Shown'
Initial Display 'Shown-Cannot Be Hidden'