Alternate Column Shading


Checking this box creates columns with alternating colors. Checking the Alternate Column Shading property reveals two more properties, Even column band size and Odd column band size.

The 'even' and 'odd' are supposed to refer to the color of a given band. Due to a legacy bug, however, the Even and Odd colors on the Alternate Column Shading property are actually reversed, i.e the Even band is actually an odd number. The number after these two properties, 1 by default, indicates how many grid columns that color band encompasses.

Even column band size 1, Odd column band size 1

code reference:

'Alternate column shading
tmpl.alternate_column_bands as L
'Even column band size
tmpl.even_column_band_size as N
'Odd column band size
tmpl.odd_column_band_size as N